Marooned, Power of Story, and Magic Wand Adapted From:
Peterson, D. (n.d.). Top Ten Ice Breakers for Adults. Continuing Education. Retrieved in Sept. 2010 from


Group Size: No more than 30 people
Time: No more than 30 minutes
Materials Needed: NONE
Instructions: Give people a few minutes to think about this question: "If you were marooned on a deserted island, what three foods would you want to bring with you and why?
Share: Participants share their choices with the group. The facilitator can use a food selected by participants for the jump off to a nutrition topic for facilitated learning session.

book.jpgPower of Story

Group Size: Approx. 20 people
Time: No more than 20 minutes
Materials Needed: NONE
Instructions: Tell participants that you want to honor the life experiences and wisdom that the participants bring to your nutrition learning sessions. Ask the participants to pair up and share with each other a memory they have about family dinner, or their favorite food, or an experience with being introduced to a food they did not like and changing their mind about that food item.
Share: After sharing in pairs ask for volunteers to share with the entire group. The facilitator can use the stories to develop the nutrition theme that comes out of the stories.

magic_wand.gif Magic Wand

Group Size: Approx. 20 people
Time: No more than 20 minutes
Materials Needed: magic wand
Instructions: The facilitator demonstrates for the group how the magic wand icebreaker works by holding the wand and stating their name and making a wish relating to food preparation, nutrition, activity, feeding children / eating / breast feeding or any other topic relating to nutrition and then passes it on to someone else in the group to use.
Share: The facilitator guides the group through brainstorming for ideas / suggestions for how to make a wish come true.

Hangman: For the Breastfeeding Class

Everyone guesses one letter as you go around the circle. Put the following on the board or paper…

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

It spells out Breastfeeding – Fast food on the go

People Bingo: For Prenatals and Breastfeeders

Find someone who thought it hurt; find someone who had immediate skin to skin contact after birth. Everyone can learn something about the others, but they can also feel like they weren’t the only ones with these common BF issues/experiences.

The object of this icebreaker is to have the clients interact with each other to find out who may have had one of these issues and write that person’s name in the box. The first client to complete all boxes win. If there is not enough clients then the first to get three in a row wins.

Colors of the Rainbow

Write these colors on a board or paper


Go around in order and let the person name a fruit or vegetable in the next color. Record the fruits and vegetables next to that color.

Examples of color groups of fruits and vegetables

Red – beets, cheeries, red grapes, red apples, radishes, red peppers, strawberries, tomatoes, watermelon, rhubarb, raspberries, red potatoes, pink grapefruit, cranberries, red cabbage, pomegranates

Green – avocados, green apples, artichokes, green cabbage, cucumbers, lettuce, green onions, spinach, zucchini, honeydew melon, broccoli, kiwi, celery

Blue/purple – purple grapes, raisins, juneberries, eggplant, blackberries, blueberries, figs, prunes, plums, purple cabbage

White – potatoes, bananas, garlic, jicama (he ka ma), mushrooms, parsnips, turnips, ginger, cauliflower, onions, leeks

Fact or Fiction:

The facilitator has a list of fact and fiction statements. Each client introduces themselves and answers one of the statements telling whether it is a fact or fiction.


  • Whole milk has less fat than 2% milk.
  • There is no difference between fruit drinks and juice
  • Salmon is a good source of Calcium
  • A 3 year old child should have about 2-4oz of protein a day
  • An ideal portion of juice for a child is 8oz daily.
  • A pregnant woman should drinks 3-4 8oz cups of milk daily.
  • All fast foods are bad for you.
  • A child should be active for at least 90 minutes a day.


Ask everyone to add an adjective before their name which best describes them and helps to remember them easily. Have them introduce themselves with that adjective in their name. The adjective should start with the first letter of their name. Suppose someone's name is Anne. Then here, the person could use the adjective, "active" or "attractive" as per the first letter. "A." You could address this person as 'Active Anne' or 'Attractive Anne' for the rest of the day.

Bag Entertainers

Tools needed: a bag, index card, pens

Everyone is given a pen and a index card. Each person will right down the name of their favorite famous athlete, singer, actor or actress and one clue that would identity them. The instructor will pull from bag, read the clue on the back, identify who wrote it and remind that person not to help with guessing. The class will try to guess who that entertainer is.

My Favorite and Least Favorite Food

The facilitator goes around the room and haseach client introduce themselves and name their favorite and least favorite food.